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We give you several shop suggestions where we would buy our gadgets, clothes and much more abroad. Buying from China isn't so difficult and the risk are much lower than you think. After you made you first order you will see that everthing will go as planned. Use this page to inform yourselve about different shops. Clicking on a shop will give you information about them.
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The UMI X2 5.0 Inch 2G RAM Android 4.2 MTK6589T 1.5GHz Smart Phone can be bought at multiple sites. UMI X2 has Gorilla Glass II, high resolution 1920*1080, 2G RAM and 32G ROM and also supports 3G, WIFI, GPS and Bluetooth.
Focalprice/Pandawill is 158% more expensive than BuyIncoins












The CREE Q5 (SK68) LED Flashlight is a mini flashlight with adjustable focus which is ideal for hiking, camping or other outdoor activities. With an output of 400 lumens it is a very popular item selled under several productsnames.
Focalprice is 245% more expensive than BuyInCoins











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